Abaquesne, Masseot (fl.1526-57)

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Abaquesne, Masseot (fl.1526-57)

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Mucius Scaevola at the Camp of Porsenna, Rouen, 1542 (ceramic)
The Story of Noah: the Building of the Ark, Rouen (faience)
Albarelle, manufactured in Rouen, 1544 (faience)
The construction of Noe's Ark. Left panel of the triptych representing 3 episodes of the deluge. Ceramic of Masseot Abaquesne (Known around 1526-Before 1564), 1550. Ceramic. Dim: 1.38 x 0.95m. Listen, National Renaissance Museum
Tile depicting the Story of Noah: Embarking in the Ark (ceramic)
Ceramic tiles of the pavement of the Chateau d'Enouen made by Masseot Abaquesne (1526-1564 approx.) 1549-1551 Enouen, Musee national de la Renaissance
Pavement with arms of Madeleine de Savoie. Faience of Masseot Abaquesne (known between 1526-1564) 16th century Enouen. National Renaissance Museum
Panel of symbols of Claude d'Urfe and Jeanne de Balsac (ceramic)
Tile depicting the Story of Noah: The Ark on Mount Ararat after the Flood, made in Rouen (faience)
Marcus Curtius leaping into the Gulf of the Forum to calm the Gods wrath down, Rouen, 1542 (ceramic)

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