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Moliceiros on the Ria de Aveiro (photo)
View of the bridge, built 1933-37 (b/w photo) (see 239622, 239623)
Church reflecting in a puddle (photo)
Monastry of Khrissoskalitissas (photo)
Two gondolas (photo)
Detail of a pavillon of the Cour Napoleon, Le Louvre reflecting in a puddle (photo)
Prow of a gondola (photo)
Locomotive of the steam train which circulated on the ring railroad of Paris, called La petite ceinture (photo)
A Valentines Card (mixed media)
Elizabeth Fry's work basket
A World War Two serviceman's gas mask
A selection of jewellery with a a gold pendant c.1560-1640 (top) c18th silver set brooch and necklace pendant (bottom)

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