Aachen, Johann or Hans von (1552-1616)

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Aachen, Johann or Hans von (1552-1616)

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The Triumph of Truth, c.1598 (oil on copper)
The Five Senses: Smell
Allegory of the Turkish Wars: The Battle of Kronstadt, 1603/04 (paper or parchment mounted on canvas)
Jupiter, Antiope and Cupid
Bacchus, Venus and Cupid
Boy with a bunch of grapes, 1600-5
The Five Senses: Touch
Rudolf II (1552-1612), 1600-3
Matthias Ier de Habsbourg  empereur du Saint Empire et roi de Boheme - Portrait of Matthias (1557-1619), Holy Roman Emperor - Peinture de Hans von Aachen (1552-1615), c. 1610 - Oil on canvas, 104x80 - Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Crucifixion, late 16th-early 17th century (ink & wash with gouache highlights on blue paper)
Adoration of the Shepherds
The Five Senses: Hearing

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