Adam, Albrecht (1786-1862)

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Adam, Albrecht (1786-1862)

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Napoleon's ascension
Ownerless Horse on the Battlefield at Moshaisk in 1812, 1834 (oil on panel)
King Vittorio Emanuele II (1820-78) Meeting Joseph Radetsky von Radetz (1766-1858) at Vignale, 24th March 1849 (pen & ink and w/c on paper)
Napoleon and his Troops at Beshenkovichi, 24th July, 1812 (oil on canvas)
Groom leading a horse from the stable, 1827 (oil on canvas)
Man training a horse, 1856 (oil on canvas)
Prince Eugene de Beauharnais (1781-1824) at Ostrovno, 25 July, 1812 (oil on canvas)
Albrecht Adam (1786-1862). Battle Scene, 1838. Detail.
Austrian cavalry resting in a village (oil on canvas)
Portrait of a man with two horses, 1825 (oil on canvas)
English Mare With Her Foals, 1833 (oil on canvas)
Albrecht Adam (1786-1862). Battle Scene, 1838.

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