Wissing, Willem (1656-87)

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Wissing, Willem (1656-87)

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Portrait of Mary Butler, Duchess of Devonshire (oil on canvas)
Thomas Herbert, 8th Earl of Pembroke (oil on canvas)
Portrait of Queen Mary II of England (1662-1694) (oil on canvas)
Mary Sherard, Mrs Peter Whitcombe (d.1663)
Anne Mason, Countess of Macclesfield (1666?-1753)
Elizabeth Brownlow, later Countess of Exeter (1681-1723), as a child
Dorothy Mason, Lady Brownlow (1665-1699/1700)
Possibly Lady Mary Butler, Duchess of Devonshire (1646-1710), as the Virgin Annunciate
Charles II, c.1683 (oil on canvas)
Princess Anne of Denmark, 1683-1702 (mezzotint)
James, Duke of Cambridge, c.1676-87 (oil on canvas)
Winifred Trentham, Lady Strickland (1645 - 1725)

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