Abel, Catherine (Bridgeman Studio)

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Abel, Catherine
“Art history is a profound teacher. To achieve mastery one only has to tap into the Greats who have gone before us and surrender to their counsel. Their creative spirits still exist.” Australian artist, Catherine Abel is renowned internationally for her striking figurative and still life paintings. Combining the stylised geometry of the Art Deco period with the clarity of the Italian Renaissance Masters, her works are powerfully seductive compositions of beauty, strength and grace. Self-taught, Abel began painting professionally after moving to Paris in 2000. Influenced greatly by European art and history, she immersed herself in her painting, rapidly building her reputation as a fine art painter. On returning to Australia, Catherine has continued to exhibit and sell both locally and internationally. She has been a finalist in the Archibald Art Prize and Portia Geach Art Award and her works are featured in private collections worldwide.

Assets (70 in total)

La Femme en Soie, 2014 (oil on linen)
Seated Cubist Nude, 2003 (oil on canvas)
La Vie en Rose, 2002 (oil on canvas)
Three Graces, 2002 (oil on canvas)
Still Life with Fava Beans
Teascape with Orange Cream
Still Life with Quinces
Streamline City
Still Life with Wooden Pegs
Sunworshipper I, 2005 (oil on canvas)
Opium Dreamer, 2010 (oil on linen)
Sarah, 2009 (oil on canvas)

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