Adam, Victor (1801-66) (after)

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Adam, Victor (1801-66) (after)

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The shadow of Napoleon visiting his tomb, view of Saint Helena (litho)
'Conquest and Civilisation', allegory of the French invasion of Algeria on 5th July 1830, c.1830-40 (litho)
Alphonse de Lamartine (1790-1869) and Elvire on the Lake at Bourget, engraved by Alfred Lemercier (litho) (b/w photo)
Letter D from an alphabet primer, 1832 (litho)
Rue Saint-Antoine in July 1830, engraved by H. Delaporte (litho)
Barricade at the Rue Dauphine, 29th July 1830, engraved by H. Delaporte (litho)
The Stagecoach, mid-19th century (litho) (b/w photo)
Letter Y from an alphabet primer, engraved by Lemercier, 1832 (litho)

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