Abbasi, Riza-i (c.1565-1635)

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Abbasi, Riza-i (c.1565-1635)

Assets (8 in total)

Lady with a Mirror, 16th/17th century (w/c, ink and gold on paper)
Subhat Al-Abrar, by Nur Al-Din 'Abd Al-Rahman Jami, 1613-14 (pen & ink on paper)
Young Portuguese, Persian, 1634 (w/c, gold and ink on paper)
Nasta'liq quatrain (ink & gold on paper)
Nasta'liq quatrain, 1606-7 (ink on paper)
A princess in blue and orange, c.1575 (opaque w/c on paper)
Hunters in a Landscape, c.1615 (ink, w/c & gold on paper)
Miniature of Salomon and Balkis, c. 1595

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