Abbey, Edwin Austin (1852-1911) (after)

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Abbey, Edwin Austin (1852-1911) (after)

Assets (13 in total)

Fair is My Love (litho)
Visit of a photographer to a remote township (litho) (b/w photo)
Autolycus (engraving)
A Red River Colonist, 1878 (engraving) (b&w photo)
King Lear, Act I, Scene I, Cordelia's farewell, 1898
Brighton in the Time of Our Grandfathers, the Pavilion, Steyne, and Promenade, 1805 (engraving)
King Henry IV and Prince Henry (colour litho)
A Quiet Conscience (engraving)
Sunday Morning in
Ichabod Crane (gravure)
Christmas in Old Virginia (engraving)
The Widower (engraving)

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