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Summer Olympic Posters
Where Art and Sport meet

The Olympic Museum in Lausanne and The Bridgeman Art Library in London, have collaborated to develop an entertaining educational activity on the topic of the "Olympiad Games" known simply as the Olympic Games.

The next Olympic Games will take place in London in 2012, making this the perfect time to look back at those posters designed for the Games from 1896 to 2008.

Aims of the activity:

You are given a choice of: artistic traditions and styles, visual and historical references and symbols. You will then be guided through these different approaches and given tips on how to create your own poster for the forthcoming Olympic Games in 2012.

Who is this activity for?

This journey through the history of the Olympic Games and their posters is aimed at:

• art teachers, art historians, teachers interested in bringing together art and sport as well as other subjects such as social, political and cultural history.
• students aged 10 to 14 who want to discover and absorb various pieces of information in order to allow their imagination free rein to create their own poster

Dorando Pietri, a gallant marathon runner from the 1908 London Olympics
English School, (20th century) Private Collection LAL 295554

The Timeline and its posters

How does it work?

All the posters can be found on the timeline in chronological order of the Olympic tradition to present.  Each poster comes with historical context and supporting teaching materials.

• technical details : author, dimension, number of issues/copies
• general information, iconography, symbolic, historic and cultural references
• composition : layout, perspective
• tips for designing your poster: suggestions linked to artistic trends, Olympic and historical symbols and references

2012 London Games Page: design a poster

Imagine and design a poster for the 2012 London Games

• Go to the Timeline on the Home Page
• Click on the blank London 2012 poster to access the instructions you will need to create your very own Olympic poster.

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For more information:

The Olympic Museum in Lausanne (Switzerland)

Bridgeman Education (London)

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