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Our Partners

Carte de visite of John T. Raymond and Mark Twain. 1874-80 (albumen print) American Photographer, (19th century)
Carte de visite of John T. Raymond and Mark Twain. 1874-80 (albumen print) American Photographer, (19th century)

Bridgeman Education is proud to work in partnership with the following organisations:

  • JCS Online Resources:  JCS Online Resources, formerly JISC Collections for Schools, is an initiative which enables schools across the UK to access a range of high quality online subscription resources at substantial discounts. JCS Online Resources have partnered with Bridgeman Education because of our comprehensive coverage of cross-curricular material easily accessible for teaching in the classroom.

  • JISC Collections: JISC Collections is a membership organisation, established by the UK Higher and Further Education funding councils, to support the procurement of digital content for education and research in the UK. Members can purchase subscriptions to Bridgeman Education via our dedicated Catalogue page.

  • Global Grid for Learning: Bridgeman Education are delighted to be working in partnership with Global Grid for Learning. GGfL acts as a trusted broker for digital content, connecting teachers and students at all stages in education to a single source for high quality and educationally relevant learning recourses.

  • its learning:  its learning is one of the world's leading learning platforms. Designed specifically for the educational sector, it supports students and teachers in all aspects of the learning process. Bridgeman Education has developed a plug-in allowing its learning users, who are registered on the Bridgeman Education site, to dynamically access our images and use them in their its learning projects.

  • Wisconsin Library Services: The Wisconsin Library Services, also known as, WiLS, is an independent, not-for-profit organization offering services to support libraries and other cultural heritage institutions. WiLS serves as a catalyst for innovative projects that expand individual member resources through cooperative ventures and programming, as well as, advocates for library services to enhance collaboration and keep libraries relevant in the electronic information world.

  • Connecticut Library Consortium: Connecticut Library Consortium (CLC) is a statewide consortium serving all types of Connecticut libraries by initiating and facilitating cost-effective services, creating and supporting educational and professional development, and helping libraries to strengthen their ability to serve their users.

  • New England Law Library Consortium (NELLCO): is an international organization whose mission advances justice through access to global legal information. Membership includes law schools, private, non-profit and government law libraries.

  • Serials Solutions® Summon Service™: Bridgeman Education is the latest content announcement from Serials Solutions. More than 250 libraries worldwide subscribe to the Summon™service because it provides a clear starting point for research, and consistently demonstrates a substantial increase in usage of library materials. Currently, the Summon™service allows researchers to search the full text of content from more than 7,000 providers and contains more than 750 million records.

  • LYRASIS:LYRASIS helps libraries operate more effectively by providing expanded access to valuable resources, including Bridgeman Education, and professional expertise in content creation and management. Created in 2009 by the merger of PALINET and SOLINET and joined shortly thereafter by NELINET, LYRASIS is America’s largest regional non-profit membership organization serving libraries.

  • Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO):is a non-profit organization working to develop and maintain essential library services throughout New York City and Westchester County. METRO is a resource helping to connect libraries with vendors who meet many important library needs. As the largest reference and research resources (3Rs) library council in New York State, METRO members reflect a wide range of special, academic, archival and public library organizations.

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