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A Lancer of Napoleon's Polish Guards on Winter Patrol, Jan Van Chelminski (1851-1925)
A Lancer of Napoleon's Polish Guards on Winter Patrol, Jan Van Chelminski (1851-1925)

Bridgeman Education offers Quick and Advanced search options, as well as several pre-selecte subject indexes.

  • Quick Search - this is a 'Google' type search by keyword which will retrieve results containing one or more of the keywords you enter into the Search field. The results will be sorted by relevance ie. results corresponding to all search terms first then in decreasing relevance.

  • Advanced Search - this is the second search tab, next to Search on each page of the site. Advanced Search allows you to enter more details to narrow down the focus of the search including artist's name, location (as in museum, collection), the image number (this is the Bridgeman Education catalogue number that appears at the foot of each image), century, medium and so on.

  • Subject Categories- these are pre-created image selections put together by staff at Bridgeman Education that group our collection by topic, period, school, movement or according to areas of study such as Graphic Design, Geography, Medicine and many more. There are also conceptual slections on emotions and others classed according to medium. We add to these regularly and are happy to hear of any gaps that you might want filled or catgeries that need adding to.

Search Tips


In order to increase your chances of finding the right results try using different spellings. For example, when looking for St Mark’s Venice also try searching SAN MARCO.

Similar examples are:

  • Mohammad II -    try MOHAMMED II


Similarly, when looking for images associated with a particular movement, style or period try the following:

  • Impressionist  not – ism

  • Expressionist  not – ism

  • Realist  not – ism

You could also refer to our Subjects page as you will find a lot of these subjects already pre-selected for you. 


Once you find an image be sure to look at the keywords listed on the right hand side as - when clicked upon - these can in turn lead you to other related results.

Try using fewer keywords in your searches as, the less keywords used, the broader the selection of results. Think laterally when searching. For example, if you are looking for images of an event that took place in a given place at a specific time try using all related keywords in order to broaden your search.

You can also try moods, colours & forms example: blue, green, colourful, conceptual, geometric, shape, jealousy, happiness, contemplation, sadness, atmospheric, spiritual, merriment, melancholy and so on,

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